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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Might Makes Right?

This “stealth merger” of two dwarf galaxies seems somehow wrong to human sensibilities. 450 light years away, a larger galaxy “ate” a smaller one. Might makes right? Survival of the fittest? Sounds Darwinian to me.
It also shows our futility when fist-shaking at God when things don’t go right or we experience disillusionment. Yes, I’ve been mad at God. I’ve even tried disbelieving in him, but when I do, the sheer scale and beauty of the cosmos forces me to reconsider my rebellion.
Obviously, a humongous telescopic camera shot this photo. Considering some of those specks in the blackness of space are galaxies of unimaginable size, it reveals our highly-evolved, scientific human perspective for what it is: Less-than puny.
While we’re at it, what if we try dropping our perceptive scale down to include the ever-smaller subatomic particles scientists keep discovering? Some of the more ambitious astrophysicists try putting numbers to it, but I suspect such comparative magnitude is inconceivable even to them.
Okay, now that we’ve put nature into a convenient jar, what about dark energy and matter? Can’t see it. Can’t touch it. Can’t even measure it. But those in the scientific know insist it has to exist to hold everything else in balance. They also say there is no God.

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