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Monday, November 19, 2012

Hollywood's Mission: Enlightenment

Detective Murdoch(the handsome one in the photo above) is a conservative Catholic. The beautiful coroner(the beautiful one with blood running down her arm) with whom he works is a liberated woman. The cases on which they work often involve controversial social issues to which he approaches—initially, at least—as a dogmatic “Christian,” and she approaches with an open mind.
       Ideological content asideMurdoch Mysteries, is an entertaining, steam-punk-style police procedural drama that keeps viewers coming back, at least those viewers who enjoy period pseudo-science and semi-British drama.

Worldview Analysis

       The program serves as an apologetic for liberal views, but refreshingly, portrays the religious guy as a highly intelligent, reasonable sort. But as a reasonable man, he regularly reexamines his religious convictions in light of new “evidence” to the contrary.
       The program assigns to Catholicism the role of religion’s archetype, the “spanking boy” for the humanist worldview. Admittedly, Murdoch Mysteries handles the gutting of religion gently, which, I suppose, is a relatively good thing. Such a gentle assault, however, makes enlightenment’s poison far easier for the audience to swallow.
       Problem is, enlightenment seems so … enlightened … with precious little logical examination of the process.

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