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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Initial Singularity

It seems that when scientists reach a stage in their theorizing that points toward the existence of a god-like entity, they switch tracks to pursue alternative theories. What motivates their aversion to the idea of an all-pervasive entity outside our frame-of-reference?
The answer is fear. Fear that we might be somehow “less-than” something or someone else. Our experience tells us that being “less-than” allows whatever is “greater-than” to establish a “pecking order,” with the “greater-than” entity(God) at the top, and the “less-than” entity(us) at the bottom.

Don't Just Do Something ... PANIC!

All fear boils down to anxiety over the unknown or unforeseeable. We plan and plot to control present circumstances so that they will likely produce some predictable, future circumstance. The more effective we perceive our efforts to control our circumstances, the less we fear what is beyond the veil of time.
What such control freaks fail to realize, though, is the vast range of possible circumstances that we cannot anticipate and prepare for. With that realization, we look at the alternative to preparing for the future: We decide the future will happen, and we can do absolutely nothing about it. And our only recourse to maintain sanity is to believe it doesn’t matter anyway. That solution, in pop-psychological terms, is called “denial,” the alternative to PANIC!

I Get a BANG out of Science

Short of exploring really confusing genesis scenarios, the best and brightest minds have settled on the Big Bang as the beginning of everything. The benefit of that is, a naturalistic explanation of our existence enables us to place ourselves firmly at the top of the natural pecking order. And Presto Change-o, we’re no longer answerable to anyone but ourselves.
Such cosmic autonomy is the dream of every child who runs afoul of parental control ... regardless of the “child’s” age or the “parental” authority figure’s identity. Those of us with average intelligence simply resort to bucking authority and suffering the consequences, until we decide life is less painful if we cooperate.
Those who are smart enough to earn the lofty title, “Scientist,” however, can do something creative about the accountability conundrum. All they have to do is go to school long enough to learn how other brilliant people have logically sidestepped the issue. Then they keep studying until they think they’ve worked out those other brilliant people's theoretical bugs, and they might even qualify for a Nobel Prize, which proves they were right ... till some other bright person proves them wrong and wins a Nobel for themselves.

A Rose By Any Other Name...

Some of the most enterprising scientists have invented a term for the beginning of everything: The “Initial Singularity” supposedly occurred billions of years ago, when all the matter and energy of the universe existed in one nearly infinitesimal point of nearly infinite mass. Then some passing—whatever—dropped one more teensy bit of matter into it and all HECK broke loose!
But, where did all that mass come from? Other enterprising scientists are working on that, and postulating the most wonderful theories, such as recurring BIG BANGs every few billions of years, where stuff goes out, and comes back in, then goes back out, and comes back in, ad infinitum. Or maybe membranes comprising various universes bump into one another and go BANG!, and stuff goes out, and comes back in, then goes back out, ad nauseam.
To the not-especially “objective eye(which, in truth, does not exist),” all this postulating appears suspiciously like grasping for excuses to avoid accepting accountability to something or someone greater than mankind. And most especially, something or someone infinitely greater.
Imagine a “causation” of sufficiently large scale to cram nearly-infinite matter into a nearly-infinitesimal spot....

I get a BIG BANG out of God!

I marvel at all the pseudo-scientific razzmatazz that smart folks shovel into the scholarly literature, and ultimately into our educated pea-brains, to explain what has no explanation outside of an infinite, Creative Force. And heaven forbid we should attach a Name to it, and imagine its being conscious, personal, and purposeful.
Despite all the argument going on between religious folks about how creation happened, most of them agree on one thing: It didn’t just happen. In fact, we don’t necessarily have to be religious to see that; the evidence is obvious and inescapable. Naturalists accuse deists of employing faith to accept God's existence. Personally, I haven’t enough faith to imagine the universe existing outside of His creative power.
Did God personally engineer every minute aspect of creation and micro-manage it to the present? Or did He place all that would be into one immense blast that brainy people call the Initial Singularity? Only God knows for sure, but we can get a good idea of His purpose in it.
He didn’t leave us to simply thrash it out in our own imaginations. Though many choose to ignore it, God dictated a book to several people whom He chose to record it, over thousands of years. What they wrote defies mortal imagination, containing within a finite number of words, God’s infinite mind, and His singular purpose.

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