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Friday, April 22, 2011

An Eye For Glory by Karl A Bacon--a review

            For this blog tour I'll depart from my custom of posting a review largely borrowed from Bonnie Calhoun's CFBA blog. Instead, I began my personal response immediately upon finishing Karl A. Bacon's remarkable work, hoping to capture my passion for An Eye For Glory undiminished by passage of time.

            I have a hard time imagining that An Eye For Glory is Mr. Bacon's first novel. Indeed, I had to continually remind myself throughout the book that it was a work of fiction, so authentic and transparent was Bacon's voice. As I read the last two chapters aloud to my wife Nancy, I struggled to get the words out between sobs as their eternal truth impacted me again and again. But the struggle was well worth the reward of beholding anew God's glorious grace toward me.
            The novel's story line may have originated in Mr. Bacon's mind rather than as a fact of history, but its truth transcends any recounting of factual events. Without actually interviewing Mr. Bacon about his experience in writing this work, I know he shed many a tear throughout his research of correspondence and eye witness accounts of the Civil War's awful carnage.
            As a child of the entertainment age, one would think my exposure to realistic, dramatic depictions of the Civil War would have desensitized me to one more telling, but I was entirely unprepared for An Eye For Glory. I recommend most strongly that everyone read this story of one soldier's journey from unchallenged belief in a Sunday school gospel to a deep, abiding faith tested by fire and flying lead, lost friends and disillusionment. I feel that An Eye For Glory changed my life, and it just might do the same for you.
            If you would like to read the first chapter of An Eye For Glory, go HERE.
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