"So," they say, "nobody's perfect!"
But the Vinedresser won't buy that.
Given the opportunity, He will trim the unproductive suckers and shape the branches so each one will bask in Sonlight.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Practice what we "preach."

      How will the world ever believe what we write, if we fail to live it consistently? Only by His grace will we be able to live by that standard. Not only will the world believe our written words, but our very life's profession. We don't have to write, or even tell, what we believe. Christians seem to exude their love for the Lord, mainly by their love for those in the world. In fact, it might be best to keep our mouths shut and our pens still until we can honestly see God's love lived out in our lives. We can't wait until we're "perfect," though. Then nothing would ever get said.

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